Texas Shallow Oil & Gas

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Why should I invest?

Producing Oil and Gas wells can provide long-term monthly income and a substantial return on investment. Your return on an initial oil investment could be as fast as 8-16 months.

How do I invest in oil?

The process is very simple. Texas Shallow Oil & Gas will provide you with all the information and materials necessary to complete your transaction. Contact us for more information.

How quickly can I expect to see a return on my oil investment?

After the well is completed and production begins, you can expect to see checks in 60-90 days. Return of initial investment can occur in as little as 8-16 months.

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Texas Shallow Oil and Gas

Texas Shallow Oil and Gas offers oil and gas investment opportunities through silent investment programs and working interests.

Benefits include:

Monthly passive income & cash flow

(mailbox money)

Many wells will produce for decades, providing consistent cash flow

Diversification and substantial growth potential

Diversify and get potentially above average returns with oil and gas

Mitigated risk & lower volatility

Oil & Gas is less influenced by the ups and downs of the stock market and interest rates



We value honesty, integrity and transparency above all else.  We are always available for a call or face to face meeting.